Belcake 670 Advanced Depositor

Advanced technology


Specially designed for cake production



Belcake 670 Advanced Depositor

Table of contents
  • volumetric stainless steel depositor, specially designed for cake production;
  • depositing of batter/sponge, icing of cake middle layers, top+side finishing of cakes;
  • mounted on a mobile frame manually adjustable in height for small or tall persons for the most convenient operation and to avoid back pain;
  • can be fitted with optional nozzles and attachments and used as a regular depositor for depositing, layering, injection and decoration;
  • an easy-to-use digital display panel; while you are adjusting the speed of the cream coming out of the nozzle (depending on its viscosity), the speed of the turntable is synchronized automatically;
  • adjustable turning angle of the turntable (370°- 720°) for a cleaner and nicer result of icing;
  • applications: cakes with butter cream, vegetable cream, dairy cream, mousses, custard, batter for cakes, muffins, jam, jelly, fruit fillings, etc.;


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