Belmate 600 Decorating MachineYour perfect pastry bag!

Decoration of pastry, side finishing of cakes

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  • Belmate 600 Decorating Machine

Design Features

  • Belmate 600 with its unique decogun will replace your conventional pastry bag and will easily help you to perform decoration of pastry, side finishing of cakes (with or without combed finish), injection and layering
  • mounted on a mobile non-adjustable in height frame
  • optional turntable is available; set speed (0-9 rotations/min) and direction, leaving both hands free to create perfect borders and trim
  • applications: ONLY runny products without particles; decoration with butter cream, dairy cream, vegetable cream, royal icing

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Belmate 600 Decorating Machine
PowerAir: 20 l/min by 6 impulses/min on command; 1,2-5,6 Bar / 102 PSI
Hopper25 l
Materialstainless steel


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