Belmixing-bowl-lift 1050 Scale Depositor / Filling MachineInnovation in depositing


  • Belmixing-bowl-lift 1050 Scale Depositor

Design Features

  • depositor in combination with a weighing scale: install the required weight on the digital panel and start dosing
  • max weight setting 50 kg; 100% accurate dosing
  • mounted on a mobile frame pneumatically adjustable in height for easy changing of mixing bowls and buckets
  • applications: depositing of cake batter, muffins, jam, jelly, fruit filling, cream, mousse, yoghurt, sauce, soup, etc.

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Belmixing-bowl-lift 1050 Scale Depositor
PowerAir: 158 l/min at 30 deposits/min, 7 Bar / 102 PSI
Electricity100/240 VAC, 1 ph, 50/60Hz, 30 W
Speed10-65 l/min
Deposit rangeMax setting 50 kg
Materialstainless steel


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