Belpump-lift 1050 Transfer PumpTo fill the hopper easily

A pneumatic up/down power-lift system

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  • Belpump-lift 1050 Transfer Pump

Design Features

  • stainless steel transfer pump for easy gentle transfer of products from the mixing bowl into the depositor hopper
  • pneumatic up/down power-lift system to put the transfer tube easily in and out the bowl
  • turn-over system for easy removal of the mixing bowls
  • the pump can be equipped with an optional optical sensor, which turns the pump on/off as needed for fully automatic operation
  • it can also be operated manually with on/off switch
  • applications: only pourable products – batters, fruit fillings, jellies, mousses, creams
  • with or without particles (nuts, raisins, pieces of fruit); particle size: max Ø 2,5 cm

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Belpump-lift 1050 Transfer Pump
PowerAir: 158 l/min; 7 Bar / 102 PSI
Speed10-65 l/min (depending on product viscosity)
Materialstainless steel


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