Belslice Press SlicerPerfect cutting result

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  • Belslice Press Slicer

Design Features

  • a slicing machine for perfect horizontal cutting of sponge cakes
  • quick-change height adjustable cutting blades (maximum 5 blades, adjustable in 5 mm steps)
  • adjustable conveyor speed
  • catch tray for crumbs
  • swivel wheels with brakes
  • Belslice Press slicer is equipped with a press belt with adjustable speed and manually adjustable in height; it presses the sponge down and ensures ideal slicing of layers
  • applications: horizontal cutting of rectangular/square/round sponge, etc. from 2 to 6 layers simultaneously
  • for sponge without particles

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Belslice Press Slicer
Power220 V single phase, 50/60 Hz, 0,5 kW
Speedmaximum product width 460 mm
maximum product length 650 mm
maximum product height 130 mm
cutting thickness 5-10-15.. etc. mm (distance between knives)
the bottom layer is always 10 mm (distance between the bottom knife and the conveyor)
about 20 big cakes/min
about 40 small cakes/min (max diam. 220 mm)
Materialstainless steel


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