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A low non-adjustable in height frame



Belcon 275 Depositor

Belcon 670 Depositor

Table of contents
  • volumetric stainless steel depositor, specially designed to use with the handgun nozzle and optional attachments for depositing, injection, layering and decoration;
  • mounted on a low non-adjustable in height frame for easy filling of the hopper;
  • applications: depositing of cake batter, muffins, jam, jelly, fruit filling, cream, mousse, meringue, sauce, soup, mashed potato, mayonnaise, minced meat; injection of éclairs, Berliners, profiteroles; decoration;
  • everything that can be squeezed through a pastry bag;
  • with or without particles (nuts, raisins, pieces of fruit); particle size: max Ø 2,5 cm;

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